Condiments List: Use them sparingly!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Condiments List: Use them sparingly!
Why are there no condiments in my Nutrition Plan? Condiments add extra calories, sugar, and sodium to your food. Overuse of condiments can add to extra calories and unwanted pounds. Please review this list, read labels, and use your condiments sparingly.


Mustard is a good choice. There are plenty of zero-calorie varieties to choose from, and even honey mustard, with its marginal amount of sugar, has just five calories per teaspoon.

Ketchup and Barbecue Sauce

They don't pack an alarming number of calories—ketchup has 15 per tablespoon; BBQ sauce has 20—but most people tend to use too much. Be sure to read the label and measure your portion size.


Using salsa is a great way to spice up your diet and add more healthy foods to your meal plan. Salsa can take the place of many high-fat or high-sugar condiments, like commercial salad dressings, cheese sauces, and cheese dips. As always, compare nutritional labels to make smart food choices; select a brand that is lower in sodium. You could also make your own salsa.

Salad Dressing

Most creamy dressings, even the ones labeled "light," have 45 to 70 calories per tablespoon (and people tend to dump several onto their salad). A healthy alternative is Bolthouse Farms Yogurt dressing. They have 45 calories or less for 2 Tablespoons and taste amazing! Find them in the produce department. You can also try making your own dressing using a generous drizzle of olive oil with lemon juice, vinegar, or hot sauce.


Regular mayo is around 100 calories per tablespoon and high in fat. Try mixing a half teaspoon of mayo with mustard, and spread it thinly. There are lower fat Mayo alternatives. You can also substitute plain fat free Greek yogurt for mayo in chicken and tuna salad.

Hot Sauce

Hot sauce is a great way to spice up your food. Remember that a little goes a long way and be sure to read the label and make your best choice. Hot sauce can be high in sodium.

You can always join an online accountability group for help and support as you make these new changes to your family's eating. Having the support, encouragement, and resources for new healthy recipes and options will help you see tremendous success with making this new lifestyle habit and routine! For details and to secure your spot, apply HERE!

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